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Letter from Secretary-General

Dear Delegates, respected Faculty Advisors, and the Secretariat,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the beginning of the 11th edition of the IITBHU Model United Nations. Over its rich legacy of ten years, IITBHU MUN, being one of the pioneering Model United Nations conferences, has garnered a notable position in the northern circuit. The endorsement of our conference by Hon’ PM Shri. Narendra Modi is a mark of its national importance. Even during the COVID years, IITBHU MUN witnessed participation from over twenty-two nationalities, graced by eminent foreign ambassadors and keynote speakers.

The thrill and excitement of participating in Model United Nations like those years ago indeed faded during the COVID years, and the transition from online platforms to offline dais is quite challenging. With the upcoming conference, let us together repaint and restore, once again, the lost picture in this holy city of Benares.

Leading such a prestigious conference is a tremendous undertaking; however, with the wisdom imparted by the previous Secretary Generals and with such a dynamic and hardworking Secretariat, I am more than hopeful about this edition’s enthralling experience it promises to deliver.

Therefore, to everyone reading this, I invite you all to be part of this grand edition. Bring on the fiery debates, the urge to change the world, and of course, fruitful deliberations with resolutions concentrated on innovative ideas.

See you all at IITBHU Model United Nations’23!


Moulik Ketkar

Secretary-General, IITBHU MUN’23



IITBHU Model United Nations has quite well journey since its inception in 2012. The conference has hosted about 4000 delegates over 11 incredible editions. It has collaborated with premier institutions such as UNIC for India and Bhutan, New Delhi and has been supported by the UNESCO-INCCU via patronage. The 2021 edition of the conference marked yet another milestone when IITBHU MUN went international and hosted participants from 17 countries, this conference is also endorsed by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. In the last year edition of the conference four Indian ambassadors to four different countries took part as guest speakers and delegates from 17 countries participated in the conference.

About us

IITBHU Model United Nations (MUN) is the pioneering Model UN conference of the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi. The conference has undergone stellar growth over its incredible journey of 11 years, attracting participation from 17 countries for its last edition. The 2022 edition of the Conference was organized in collaboration with UNIC, New Delhi, under the patronage of UNESCO-INCCU. The Honorable Prime Minister of India had also endorsed IITBHU MUN with an inspiring message. Being in the middle of the Cultural Capital of the country with its spiritual diversity, amidst Asia’s largest residential university, IITBHU MUN has been an ideal location for the conglomeration of passionate debaters and leaders from all over the world. The Secretariat extends you a cordial invitation to participate in the 2022 edition of the IITBHU Model United Nations Conference which will be organized between 3rd Feb 2023 to 5th Feb 2023. With eminent guests, stellar Executive Boards, ignited young minds, and exhilarating debates, the upcoming edition promises to be the best one yet. The Secretariat is committed to providing you with the best MUN experience possible in the holy city of Varanasi.
Meet our secretariat!


Yuvraj Singh


As it was my first MUN I was quite nervous at first about the preparation and procedure of a MUN. But with a amazing pool of EB members and a outstanding Vice-Chair Mohil Mehra. I had a fruitful experience.

Purvi Agarwal


It was an amazing experience being a fresher. Hat's off to the EB's for their patience and support and kudos to the secreteriat!!

Seth Christopher B Mendenilla

The Philippines

Salute to IITBHU MUN Secretariat, BOD, delegates around the globe and to everyone behind the success of this MUN.

Habiba Rasooli


The sessions were well organised and managed. IITBHU MUN was very productive for me.

Kevin Maina


Have you been in a place that felt like a fresh breath of air, filled with excitement and an aura of positivity from the committee heads to the delegates in attendance? This was IITBHU MUN for me!

Susmit Shivashish Pandey,


My experience at IITBHU MUN was really great, the EB members were extremely supportive. I learned a lot from the committee and I would like to thank everyone for helping out whenever necessary.


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